Why Sikhs donot Shave or Cut their hairs?

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Sikh man with open beard
Well you might seen some beard guy who has a turban on his head and wonder why he don't shave his beard or his head ? That sure made his look more like everyone else Or you might not like that beard guy. Now here's the Thing that guy with beard might want to keep that thing even someone
likes it or not.

In Sikhism or Sikhi , Mainly there are three things why we don't shave our beards or any hair of body.

Kesh.JPG1. Primary Reason: Its Sikhism, Its Code of Conduct. Dishonoring one’s hair is one of the four cardinal sins, which the Guru has told a Sikh never to commit. A Sikh doesn’t disfigure their hair from head to toe because Guru jee told us to keep sanctity of Kesh (hair). Nothing else matters. A Sikh does what their Guru told them to do.

mweI siq siq siq hir siq siq siq swDw ]
bcnu gurU jo pUrY kihE mY CIik gWTrI bwDw ]1] rhwau ]

“O mother, True, True True is the Lord, and True, True, True is the Guru.
The Word, which the Perfect Guru has spoken, I have tied to my robe. ||1||Pause||”
(Ang 1204)

Mughals carrying the heads of Sikhs to market to collect their price
2. Secondary Reason: Its Sikh History, There was price on the Sikh heads .The persecution of the Sikhs continued after the death of the Great Bhunda Singh Bahadur. Emperor Farukh Siyad issued orders to hunt them down where ever they could be found. In 1726 the governership of Lahor was handed to Zakariya Khan, who adopted strong measures to root out the Sikhs.

We honor our ancestor that gave their heads but reject to cut their hairs and leave Sikhism .
They accept Death and torture rather than converting to Islam.
History said a reward of
  • Rs 10 were offered for supplying information to the whereabouts of Sikhs.
  • Rs 20 for pointing out a Sikh 
  • Rs 50 for bringing the head of a Sikh.
  • Rs 80 or 100 for bringing in a live Sikh.
 Once, on the day of Muslim festival, Mir Mannu beheaded 1100 Sikhs” in public.
Bhai Taru Singh head was scalp off
Mention-ably, At the time of Governor Zakaria Khan there was a sikh named Bhai Taru Singh that was captured for feeding poor and brought in front of Governor. Governor said that His all mistakes will be pardoned if he accept Muslim religion and Cut off his hair. Bhai Taru Singh Replied,"I shall keep my faith with these hair and You will be controlled by my Shoes and then you will die." He becomes so much angry.He invited Barber to cut Bhai Sahib's Hair. And it is said that hair becomes like iron and Barber can't cut them. Then He invited a cobbler and ordered him to cut the scalp of Bhai Taru Singh with his Axe.
After that, in the evening time, the Governor can't pass his urine. All specialists done their best, but there was no effect on the governor. Then governor sent Bhai Subheg  singh to the Head of "Dal Khalsa" to seek pardon. The head of Dal Khalsa said that his Urine can pass if his head will hit with Shoe of Bhai Taru Singh, But he will Die before Bhai Taru Singh.
    And the Sayings of that True Sikh fulfilled. When the governor's head was hit with Bhai Taru Singh's Shoe then he can pass his urine. But he dead before Bhai Taru Singh at July 1,1745. 

 In those days Sikhs were persecuted because they were considered infidels by Muslims & today Sikhs become victims in the United States because they are confused with Muslims.

3. Tertiary Reason: From the scientific point of view, keeping hair is practical because hair has many functions. It traps an insulating layer of still air just outside the skin, and thereby keeping the head cool in summer and warm in winters. Furthermore, hair absorbs harmful ultra violet radiations from the sun and reduces skin cancer. In addition, hair follicles can make androgenic hormones. Axillary hair provides larger surface area for evaporation of sweat. Although Sikhs do not need scientific explanations to keep hair, it is important to note that scientific explanations do indeed exist.

Other Reasons:

  1. Keeping kes / hairs intact honors the creator's intention. Hair is a birthright inherent in the creator's design. Each hair grows to a specified length as per individual genetic disposition before falling out and developing a new hair in it's place. 
  2. Keeping kes / hairs honors the Sikh code of conduct. SRM stipulates that hair is to be kept intact from birth onward and that code of conduct is to be followed through out life until death.
  3. Keeping kes / hairs identifies one as a Sikh. Hair is a visible identity which distinguishes the Sikh and Sikhism as distinct from all other religions and walks of life. Keeping hair intact encourages and gives support to fellow Sikhs.
  4. Keeping kes / hairs insures Sikh rights. The US Army granted exemptions to Sikh recruits who followed the Sikh mandate to keep hair intact. An Indian court upheld a decision which denied a Sikh scholarship to a girl who removed hair she plucked her eyebrows, on the basis that the SRM instructs a Sikh to keep every hair intact.
  5. Keeping kes / hairs vanquishes vanity. Keeping hair intact is a constant reminder to make conscious choices when facing the challenges of confronting ego.
  6. Keeping kes / hairs builds self esteem. Keeping hair intact allows one to experience courage, conquer fear, and realize unconditional love.
  7. Keeping kes / hairs honors truth. Hair like truth continually asserts itself despite what ever measure are taken to deny it. Whether plucked, shaved, or curled, or colored hair, the hereditary disposition and condition of hair cannot be changed or concealed, for hair always returns to it's original genetic growth pattern.
  8. Keeping kes / hairs benefits body and soul. Hair is prayer. Kes acts as a subtle spiritual antenna. One who keeps kes intact, practices meditation and achieves humility comes to know the benefit of kes which can never be realize if hair is severed. It is written in Guru Granth Sahib Sikhism's holy scripture:
    • "Rom rom meh baseh muraar ||
      Within each and every hair, the divine enemy of pride abides." Bhagat Kabir|| SGGS||344
    • "Romae rom rom romae mai gurmukh raam dhiaa-ae raam ||
      With each hair and every hair, the enlightened being meditates on the divine Lord." Guru Raam Das|| SGGS||443
 So, when ever you see a True Sikh please don't irritate of him.

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